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Ginza Sky

Premium class onboard catering, opportunities to rent and order private jets for various purposes, and all the small details that make the most comfortable flight.

Ginza Sky

About the project

The main mission of the project - on-board catering, which organizes and delivers premium food from the Ginza Project's restaurants for scheduled and business aviation flights.

Based on the preferences of our group's guests, leading Chefs have compiled the in-flight menu, which would please even the most demanding gourmet

The Ginza Sky would even provide an on-board cook to those who cannot travel without their favorite dishes. If you cant reach an airport on time, or if you may need an emergency evacuation, the Ginza Sky will become the best companion for you




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Красочные фотографии популярных позиций меню, которые вы можете попробовать, оказавшись у нас в гостях