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    Moscow, Minskaya str., 2, bldg. 1
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The Tsitsila restaurant is for those who are not in a hurry and prefer to spend their time with taste and pleasure

  • Working hours
    Mon-Sun: from 12 pm until the last guest
  • Average check
    2000 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    Georgian, Uzbek


About the restaurant

Tsitsila means “a chicken” in Georgian. In Russian, though, it sounds funny. Get used to this word! Soon it will be part of everyday talk of Muscovites, because that is the name of the Ginza Project’s new restaurant.

The chicken has hatched and went for a walk. It needs a green lawn, fresh air and water. There’s plenty of that in the surroundings – the restaurant is located in the most Dacha-like area of Moscow’s center. The area around Mosfilmovskaya and Minskaya streets represents hectares of park zones and real forests.

The wonderful location of the Tsitsila allows our guests to park at Minskaya street, across the road from the “Zolotye Kluchi” residential complex (the Tsitsila has its own free parking) and within just a few minutes they will be sitting at a cozy terrace, enjoing the view of a magnificent park and breathing fresh countryside-like air. 

Our “Dacha” has lounges, tennis tables, children’s playground and an almost limitless park zone with a local landmark – picturesque lake.

In 5 minutes you forget that Kutuzovskiy Prospekt is near and that Minskaya street is traffic-jammed in both directions. Having placed your order, you can stroll to the lake. When you come back, you’ll find that your food is on the table and teases you with its smell. 

Tsitsila – or chicken – has a whole page on the menu. Fried chicken, steamed chicken, baked chicken, stuffed chicken – and many, many more. 

Traditional Georgian dishes aside – such as tender kebabs and spicy lobio – Chef Irma Dzhakhaya suggests trying dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Experts assure – Chebureki, Uzbek pilaf and Manty dumplings are a must-eat. 

The Tsitsila restaurant is for those who are not in a hurry and prefer to spend their time with taste and pleasure. The menu offers a variety of wines, cigars and hookahs; our soft furniture invites to a non-hasty degustation.




Videos from the restaurant Tsitsila . Reports, interviews and videos. Feel our mood.


Restaurant’s interiors Tsitsila up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.


The restaurant’s kitchen is run by Chef Irma Dzhakhaya.

Irma Dzhakhaya


The Tsitsila restaurant’s brand-Chef Irma Dzhakhaya comes from Abkhazia, where people know how to cook tasty and healthy food. Irma was taught to cook in early childhood by her mother, which later became her life’s profession.

Old Caucasian recipes inspire Irma for creation of new interesting dishes. A recipe of an ideal dish is to take a little from everything and put some soul into it. Irma believes professionalism and a good mood are the two key ingredients of her success. 

“If your mood is good, everything will work out!”, - says the Chef.




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Tsitsila tabaka

    Fragrant chicken, fried on a special saucepan with herbs and spices


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Tsitsila . Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    Moscow, Minskaya str., 2, bldg. 1

  • Contact number

    +7 (903) 570 41 11

  • Working hours

    Mon-Sun: from 12 pm until the last guest

  • Subway

    Park Pobedy 2.2 km
    Slavyanskiy Bulvar 2.3 km
    Filyovskiy Park 2.7 km

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