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    Москва, ЦПКиО им.Горького, Пушкинская наб., Андреевский мост
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Olivkovy Plyazh by Rybtorg

Summers’s here, but are you not at the beach yet? There is a solution – brand new seafood restaurant “Olivkovy Plyazh powered by Rybtorg” at the Moskva river embankment.

  • Working hours
    пн — вс с 11:00 до 23:00
  • Average check
    1 500 руб.
  • Cuisine and meals
    европейская, японская, американская

Olivkovy Plyazh by Rybtorg

About the restaurant

Just like at a seaside, here we have seafood delivered straight from seas and extensive wine list, created upon a “naval” food pairing concept. The taste and quality of the products are spearheading the concept. Chef Maxim Polzikov, who navigates quality seafood and fish like a genuine captain, is personally in charge of that. Only fresh food!

Maxim only chooses the best – and does that professionally. The menu of “Olivkovy Plyazh powered by Rybtorg” contains the well-established hits of fish market at Trekhprudnyi Lane as well as absolutely new items – oysters of different size and origin, ceviche, sashimi, tar-tars, carpaccio and crudo from raw-bar, designer pasta – like fiery “red” with crab and chili sauce – and desserts, which make sunset-watching twice as pleasant. Beef-lovers, don’t despair – the Chef makes Angus steaks, veal and poultry dishes.  The restaurant is definitely a summer one, so charcoal-grilled items are now on the menu.

Only the fresh fish makes it – hand-picked personally by the Chef. Sturgeon, monkfish, Black Sea flounder and juicy goatfish could all be on your plate.  Whether you are roller-blading, jogging with friends in the park, working on your tan, speeding past family couples on your bicycle or walking with a stroller - “Olivkovy Plyazh powered by Rybtorg” would always be the perfect stop to make.




Restaurant’s interiors Olivkovy Plyazh by Rybtorg up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.


Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Kebabs and shashlik

    Kebabs, chicken/lamb/pork shashlik

  • Salad with baked beets

    Served with goat cheese

  • Okroshka

    Okroshka with beef and greens. Served with kvass or kefir, as per your choice

  • Diabolo Pizza

  • Vegetarian Pizza

  • Caesar salad with shrimps

  • Curry chicken in lavash bread

  • Cherry buns

  • Norwegian Pizza

    Pizza with salmon and soft cheese

  • Burger

    Veal burger with vegetables, smoked Suluguni cheese and fries

  • Salad with nuts

    Salad with strawberries, spinach, apple, honey-mustard dressing and caramelized walnuts

  • Chicken cutlets

    Served with mashed potatoes

  • Grilled vegetables

  • Cheese plate

  • Grilled Sea Bass

  • Chocolate Safari

  • New York cheesecake

  • Movenpick Ice-Cream


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Olivkovy Plyazh by Rybtorg. Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    Москва, ЦПКиО им.Горького, Пушкинская наб., Андреевский мост

  • Contact number

    +7 968 851-25-25

  • Working hours

    пн — вс с 11:00 до 23:00

  • Subway

    Спортивная 2.0 км
    Парк Культуры 2.9 км

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