Ginza Fans loyalty program

How can I get a Ginza Fans card?

You can get a Ginza Fans card in any restaurant participating in a loyalty program. Ask the restaurant administrator to get one. 

When and where can I use it? 

The card is valid during a limited period of time. You can use this card from 14th of June to 15th of July 2018 only in restaurants participating in Ginza Fans loyalty program. 

- Mari Vanna (3 Mytninskaya emb.)

- Capuletti (74 Bolshoy Prospekt of P.S)

- SunDay Ginza (4/2 Yuzhnaya road)

- Mansarda (3-5 Pochtamtskaya st.)

- Gastronomika (5 Marata st. Olympic Plaza mall)

- Katyusha (22/24 Nevskiy ave.)

- Pryanosti & Radosti (5 Belinskogo st.  / 3 Malaya Posadskaya st. / 13 6th Line of V.O. / 191 Moskovskiy ave.)

- Koryushka (3C Peter and Paul fortress)

- Nasha dacha (Repino, 448 Primorskoye hwy.)

- Food Park (4/3 Aleksandrovskiy park, 4th floor)

- Mymoon (14 Korablestroiteley st.) 

- Khochu Kharcho (39/41 Sadovaya st.) 

- Baklazhan (30а Ligovskiy ave., Galleria mall, 4th floor/ 84 A Poluystrovskiy ave., Europolis mall) 

- Mamalyga (2 Kazanskaya st. / 84 Leninskiy ave. / 27 Engelsa ave.) 

- Chechil (2 Degtyarny lane) 

- Yunost (21 Savushkina st.) 

- Shurpa(27 Engelsa ave.) 

- Brichmula (13 Komendantskiy ave.) 

- Larisuvannukhochu (14/1A Nauki ave.) 

- Dvor Pomidor (14 Kosmonavtov ave., Piter Raduga mall) 

- Suli Guli (31 Teplovoznaya st., Port Nalhodka mall, 4th floor) 

- Edim Rukami (41 Sadovaya st.) 

- Cucumber (14 Kosmonavtov ave., Piter Raduga mall) 

- Moskva (114 Nevsky ave., Nevsky center mall)

- Steik By Steak (30а Ligovskiy ave., Galleria mall, 4th floor) 

What Ginza Fans card is made for? 

Cardholders will receive a number of bonuses and privileges: 

- compliments from all participating restaurants at any time of valid period; 

- priority seats and table reservation in the restaurants; 

- free transfer between participating restaurants; 

- special offers in the restaurants included in the loyalty program. 

Can Ginza Fans card offers be applied together with different offers? Can I get a discount with this card? 

There’s no discount with the card in Ginza Fans participating restaurants or other Ginza Project restaurants . All special offers not related with this loyalty program are provided to the cardholders as usual. 

Is delivery service included in loyalty program? 

There are no special conditions on delivery service and take away orders in the loyalty program. 

This card is a property of Ginza Project and can be withdrawn for violation of rules and incorrect behavior.