• Address
    Saint-Petersburg, Leniskiy Prospekt 84

Mamalyga (Leninskiy)

Please welcome the new, delicious and highly-anticipated “Mamalyga” restaurant – now also in St. Petersburg’s south!

  • Working hours
    From 12pm to 1am
  • Average check
    1 500 руб.
  • Cuisine and meals
    Oriental, Caucasian, European

Mamalyga (Leninskiy)

About the restaurant

Known for their unrivaled and unique style, the “Mamalyga” restaurants have always been attractive to guests. Having visited it once, you fall in love with it forever! It’s a big loss not to be able to visit it

Having met large demand from our guests, Ginza Project has opened the 3rd restaurant on Leninskiy Prospekt. Juicy kebabs, delicious khachapuri and the whole variety of Caucasian cuisine, spacious kids room with rides and a babysitter on shift, quick delivery service and entertainment shows for entire family – now on Leniskiy Prospekt 84!

Spacious restaurant which can take up to 250 people, yet zoned perfectly. Interior design incorporates warm colored wood, vaulted light ceilings, open windows. Open kitchen lets you observe skillful cooks strutting their magic around the barbeque place and the tandoor oven – dishes at “Mamalyga” are being made literally in front of guests. On autumn and winter nights, “Mamalyga” shares coziness and fragrant warm dishes with you. In the summer, it opens its windows and turns into a terrace.




Restaurant’s interiors Mamalyga (Leninskiy) up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

  • Main Hall

    Interior design incorporates warm colored wood, vaulted light ceilings, open windows.

  • Cosy seats

    Come with a large group, with a family or have a romantic dinner!

  • Seats by the windows

    As soon as warm times come, the restaurant opens its windows and turns into a terrace

  • Interiors

    On autumn and winter nights, “Mamalyga” shares coziness and fragrant warm dishes with you.

Virtual tour

3D tour of the restaurant. Look at its interiors and pick a table – from anywhere in the world

virtual tour


The restaurant’s brand-chef is Iso Dzandzava

Iso Dzandzava


Despite that Iso Dzandzava has never been taught how to cook professionally, she has developed her own vision and taste of Georgian cuisine. Having received medical education, she could not imagine that she would never become a doctor. Now Iso is the Chef at the group’s ten restaurants.  She embarked upon the culinary path in the early childhood — her mother and grandmother let her in on secrets of cooking delicious food. That is also the reason why she exclusively implements her own home recipes into the restaurant’s menu.

“I was brought up in a family where seniors and children were respected and where  guests were always welcome. All my childhood I watched how my mother and my grandmother did their best to cook something special, and I liked it very much. I have preserved these recipes and now I use them».




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Ковурма по-фергански

    Восточное блюдо из кусочков сочной говядины с овощами

  • Плов узбекский

    Классический узбекский плов

  • Суп-лагман

    Широко распространенное среднеазиатское блюдо.Баранина, овощи.

  • Овощной салат по-грузински с орехами

    Свежие томаты и огурцы с ароматной зеленью и грецким орехом

  • Квели с томатами

    Домашний сыр с зеленью: шпинат, кинза, тархун, базилик, соус на основе тархуна

  • Лобио Харкалия

    Цельная красная фасоль, обжаренная с томатами, луком и кинзой, приправленная специями и зеленью

  • Кюфта-бозбаш

    Наваристый бульон с бараньей ножкой, тефтелей, картофелем и нутом

  • Хачапури по-аджарски

    Открытый пирог из сдобного теста с начинкой из сыра сулугуни с запеченным яйцом и сливочным маслом

  • Самса с бараниной

  • Шашлык овощной

  • Чашушшули

    Кусочки молодой говядины, тушенные с овощами, зеленью, луком и острыми специями

  • Цицила

    Целый цыпленок, маринованный в аджике и запеченный в ароматных специях. Подается с соусом ткемали

  • Шашлык из свинины

    Традиционное восточное блюдо из кусочков сочной свинины

  • Вишнево-миндальный пирог

    Вишня покрывается миндальным тестом и запекается в печи. Подается с ванильным соусом и свежей мятой


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Mamalyga (Leninskiy). Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    Saint-Petersburg, Leniskiy Prospekt 84

  • Contact number

    +7 (812) 640-16-16

  • Working hours

    From 12pm to 1am

  • Subway

    Pr. Veteranov 3,5