• Address
    9 copr. 2 Komendantsky av., Saint—Petersburg


The name of the restaurant – the Plushkin – says it all, that this place has the best pastry! Appetizing, like freshly baked buns with gorgonzola, or mouthwatering, like cookies from the pastry chef.
  • Working hours
    Sun-Tu: from 10 am till 1 am Fri-Sat: from 10 am till 3 am
  • Average check
    1 100 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    European, Japanese, Caucasian, Italian, Russian, confectionery, Asian


About the restaurant

Whatever you choose, the Plushkin is perhaps the best place to make a small break in shopping and treat yourself to a cup of cappuccino and something sweet.

Strolling through the "Promenade" mall, it is impossible to miss this place. Own bakery with wide choice of fresh pastries and homemade sweets, extensive menu of iconic dishes of European and Asian cuisine, large terrace, hookahs, live music in the evenings and children's culinary festivals on weekends.

The Plushkin is the place where all the things we hold dear have been brought together. Its interiors invite to communicate – together with its pastries and cakes, buns and biscuits.

Cute tweed sofas and chairs, plenty of wooden surfaces and the details, which do not catch one’s eye at a first glance, but nonetheless create an atmosphere of a home style feast, cozy and incredibly tasty.

The Plushkin is the place for your favorite meetings!




Restaurant’s interiors Plushkin up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

  • Table for two

    A private table by the wall, lit by a dimmed lamp

  • Furniture

    A typical cage - the tribute to home-style gatherings with tea and pastries

  • Details

    Where else would you find such collection of biscuits?

  • Always fresh pastry

    Crumpets, puffs, crusty baguettes, sweet buns and bread with different fillings - our own bakery makes them all!

  • Live Corner

    African Mannikins always delight our guests

  • Singing quails

    Every guest can feed the birds

  • Children's room

    Its easy to think you are a young traveller at our children's room

  • Banquet Hall

    Fits up to 100 people

Virtual tour

3D tour of the restaurant. Look at its interiors and pick a table – from anywhere in the world

virtual tour


Sergey Bodnar is in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen

Sergey Bodnar


The Plushkin restaurant’s new Chef – Sergey Bodnar – was born on September 9th 1980, in the town of Reutov in the Moscow region. It’s safe to say that his professional fate was decided even before he was born, his ancestors were chefs. His great-grandfather owned a small restaurant in a small town next to Ryazan, while his grandmother’s dishes made this place famous – people came from all over the region to eat there.

Sergey developed love for food in early childhood. He recalls that at the age of 5 he decided to impress his family and made a salad out of candies – upon his very own recipe. The 1st major culinary experience came at the age of 8 – Sergey made dinner for his parents, having goulash with fried potatoes and home-made muffin with raisins on the menu. After that it became clear for everyone – cooking is not just his calling, but the passion of his life. But he had to get educated first – the Golitsinskiy college became his alma-mater, he graduated with “universal cook” diploma.

During studies, 20-year-old Sergey got a job at pizzeria on the Kutuzovskiy Avenue. Having started as a preparations cook, in 5 years he climbed up the career ladder and became the production executive. After 8 years of work, he moved to become the Chef of the Semifreddo Group’s Academia restaurant. Finally, after many successful years of work in Moscow, we welcome Sergey to the Northern Capital – as Chef of the Plushkin restaurant. Sergey doesn’t talks much about himself, preferring to  show what he can do in the kitchen instead, and that’s where he has few rivals! As a true man, he says that his favorite dish is a juicy steak with a glass of good red win




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • "Singapore" shrimps and calamari

    Our Chef created this dish while on tour across Asia. Watch out - it is Asian-like hot!

  • Homemade cutlets with mashed potatoes

    Juicy cutlets with tomato sauce and puffy mashed potatoes

  • Black spaghetti with seafood

    Black ink spaghetti with tender creamy seafood sauce

  • "Bird Milk" dessert

    Classic recipe of the dessert in a home-style service with an untypical mango-maracuija sauce

  • Beef steak with mushroom sauce

    Beef medallions with piquant gorgonzola, tender spinach and mushroom sauce

  • Halibut fish with steamed vegetables and creamy-ginger sauce

    Light, almost diet dish - deservedly a hit among ladies and fans of seafood

  • Unique roll "crab mix"

    A lot of crab meat in two untypical combinations

  • Fish Olivier salad

    Tenderest Olivier salad with salmon, salted upon the Chef's recipe

  • Apple pie with whortleberry and ice-cream

    The all-time favourite pie in an untypical version - with cold creamy ice-cream and bitter sauce


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Plushkin. Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    9 copr. 2 Komendantsky av., Saint—Petersburg

  • Contact number

    +7 (812) 622-12-25
    Delivery: +7 (812) 938-55-60

  • Working hours

    Sun-Tu: from 10 am till 1 am Fri-Sat: from 10 am till 3 am

  • Subway

    Komendantskyпр. 0.1 km
    Staraya Derevnya 2.2 km
    2.3 km