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Ginza Prime

This unique project is designed for those who are used to be the first at everything, who value their time and prefer not to think about limits. The Ginza Prime offers premium-class service in lifestyle management and travel to members of business, political and cultural elites.

Ginza Prime

About the project

This is a distinctively new format of lifestyle management and travel service, which would make you forget about details, everyday complications and limits. Our partners are leading Russian and foreign companies, suppliers of high-grade goods and services. Loyalty programs, aimed at making life easier and more comfortable, have been designed for the Ginza Prime members.

If you are ready to embrace a completely new quality of living, then you can thoroughly enjoy the services provided by the Ginza Prime. We are offering convenient solutions to those who value their time and care about their reputation.

Our mission is to understand you, your habits and make it so that your life has space only for pleasant surprises. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we will answer any question and resolve any given task with a maximum urgency. 

The Ginza Prime membership allows you to use the personal assistance and global concierge services, travel without borders, earn 10% bonuses at all restaurants of the Ginza Project. The Ginza Prime guarantees full confidentiality, because our client’s trust is our priority




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