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    Moscow, Mnevniki st, 21
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The multi-purpose restaurant is inviting you to make friends and be a frequent visitor!

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    from 11:00 to 23:30
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  • Cuisine and meals
    Georgian, European


About the restaurant

When a Georgian restaurant is opened in Moscow by those who keep culinary traditions, its menu would always be classic and exquisite, while the atmosphere is always welcoming and home-like.

ChaCha is a culinary project by a young and ambitious Georgian, the result of many years of traveling and learning gastronomy with restaurant traditions. He created something bigger than just a restaurant — a second home. The cooks and the staff are like new friends to the visitors here, because they love their guests. 

ChaCha is about food, first and foremost. Cooks combine open-fire meat dishes, bread baked in a special oven and vegetarian dishes. Ovens hold a special place here. There are three of those here — a classic Russian, a Rabat and a Pompeii one. All of those are built in accordance with the modern-day technologies, but are keeping ancient Georgian traditions alive, using ecological materials. The multi-purpose restaurant is inviting you to make friends and be a frequent visitor!




Videos from the restaurant ChaСha. Reports, interviews and videos. Feel our mood.


Restaurant’s interiors ChaСha up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.


Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Gerogian lavash bread

  • Choux pastry

  • Potato soup with girolles

  • Kidobani

  • Caucasian-style vegetables and greens

  • Pur-marili

    Set of Georgian appetizers

  • Roll of fried eggplants, Megreli-style

  • Salad with tomatoes, Matzoni and Adzhika sauces

  • Kveli salad

  • Smetannik

  • Georgian-style beef loin steak

  • Farmer pork brisket with fried potatoes

  • Beef Kharcho

  • Pistachio roll with fresh raspberries

  • Aunt Eliso's Khachapuri

  • Khinkali


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit ChaСha. Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    Moscow, Mnevniki st, 21

  • Contact number

    +7 (916) 077-55-55

  • Working hours

    from 11:00 to 23:30

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