Welcome Card Ginza Project & DLT tourist card

We are glad to present you the Welcome Card Ginza Project & DLT ― a special discount card for the foreign guests of the Northern capital.

From July 17, all travellers will have an opportunity to discover St. Petersburg as the world’s gastronomic capital and international shopping destination.

Welcome Card Ginza Project & DLT is the first joint project of Ginza Project holding and DLT, the main luxury department store of the city. Upon presenting the card, you receive a 10% discount at all Ginza Project restaurants and a discount of up to 10% on purchases at DLT*. 

Enjoy your walks, buy gifts and plunge into gastronomic culture of St. Petersburg! 

*This discount cannot be combined with any other offers and specials of the holding. For more information, please visit ginza.ru or call +7 (812) 640-16-16. 

The card is valid for 7 days.