6 important life hacks for Saint Petersburg visitors

These little tricks will make your visit to St. Petersburg extremely comfortable and exciting and may also save your cash. 

Museum free admission day

Many of the city’s museums offer free admission days. This impressive list can be easily found on the Internet and includes for example free admission to the Hermitage on the first Thursday of every month and to the Central Naval Museum on the last Wednesday of every month. Some museums are always free to visit, such as the Gallery of Contemporary Art ‘Mokhovaya 18’ or Pushkin (TsarskoyeSelo) Lyceum. 

Unusual places in St. Petersburg 

Explore another side of St. Petersburg and add some mosaic courtyards to your route, like the one on Fontanka river embankment., 2. Legendary Petersburg rooftops are a place that a lot of tour guides know about and will be happy to show you. In the evening you can enjoy street artist shows on Nevsky prospect.

St. Petersburg Card

St. Petersburg Card is an international tourist service and a part of the City Cards project that makes sightseeing easier. St. Petersburg card is an all-in-one package that offers museum visits and excursions, pre-paid transport, discounts and special offers. To purchase your card visit www.petersburgcard.com or one of the sales points.

Umbrella and high shoes 

A pair of comfortable shoes (waterproof top is the best) and an umbrella are a must have for any season in St. Petersburg. These things are your best companions. Because of multiple waterways and high humidity, the rain is a frequent and unpredictable phenomenon. Don’t let it ruin your holiday in the Northern capital!

Winter savings

For those who dream to see the wonderful St. Petersburg covered with snow and are not afraid of frost there’s a chance to save some money. Winter is considered to be a low season and a lot of hotels and venues offer good discounts to their visitors.

Alternative to public transport 

If you don’t enjoy the city’s views through the traffic, avoid using overground transport at rush hours. The Metro is always available, much like bike rental or your own two feet. The main sightseeing locations are in walking distance from one another, so you can plan your route to incur minimal transport expenses. Don’t forget about the boats and ‘rocket’ boats that can take you to Peterhof and Kronshtadt in summer and spring. Take a horse ride at Konyushennaya Ploschad to have a splendid evening. Bike taxi and Segway are also available in summertime and don’t be afraid to explore alternative transportation which can be found in many tourist spots in St. Petersburg. 

We hope that these life hacks from Ginza Project HochuKharcho restaurant will turn your visit to Petersburg into an unforgettable experience!

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