On weekdays from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. — Lunch sets delivery from Ginza Delivery

It is not always possible to have a snack and prepare a proper lunch, is it? Ginza Delivery will solve this problem and deliver a variety of lunch sets at your home!

Two-course meal: salad and soup for 380 rubles, salad and main course for 430 rubles, soup and main course for 450 rubles. 

Three-course: salad, soup and main course — 540 rubles. 

Try Galician style salad, vegetable salad with beef, vegetable salad with spices, atsetsili, warm salad with chicken thigh and kvelli with tomatoes, fragrant homemade noodle soup, borsch with sour cream, mushroom soup with pearl barley, kharcho with veal or lamb and pumpkin cream soup. 

We recommend chicken thigh shish kebab , potato lulah kebab, vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms, Adjarian style mini khachapuri (260 g), Georgian style solyanka with mash, khinkali (toppings of your choice) and fish cutlets with mash potatoes. 

Please note that you can take some menu positions in addition to your lunch for a special price — fruit drinks and coffee for 99 rubles, donuts for 30 rubles and dessert of the day for 160 rubles. 

Please yourself and your dearest with these and other tasty dishes from the “Khochu Kharcho” restaurant! 

*Free delivery for orders from 1500 rubles within 5 km. range. 

Order on the website ginzadostavka.ru, via phone +7 (812) 640-33-73 and at the mobile application for iOS and Android. 

Address: st. Sadovaya, d. 39/41
Table Reservation: +7 (812) 640-33-73