Delivery of blanks from the chef

We know how nice it is to gather the whole family at one big table or to arrange a cozy evening with friends. But what if you want to surprise your guests with delicious dishes, but there is no time to cook? We have found a solution! The chef of the MamaLyga restaurant on Leninsky has prepared for you a large selection of frozen dishes with home delivery!

Frosts are available to order: 

Chuchvara (dumplings with lamb) — 690 rubles

Children's chicken dumplings — 380 rubles 

Dolma with lamb — 1300 rubles 

Dolma with beef — 1200 rubles 

Chicken nuggets — 690 rubles 

“Count ruins” (dessert with meringue) — 890 rubles 

Kvari (dumplings with mushrooms) — 390 rubles 

Turkey cutlets — 850 rubles

Cutlets by Petrofina — 850 rubles 

As well as chilled khinkali: 

Khinkali with lamb — 550 rubles 

Khinkali with pork / beef — 450 rubles 

Khinkali with veal — 750 rubles 

Khinkali with mushrooms — 450 rubles 

Now your favorite dishes from the chef are always at your fingertips, and you can easily please those who are dear to you and save your time. Just call our delivery service and choose what you like best! Bon Appetit! 

* Minimum order — 0.5 kg

* Free delivery of orders from 1500 rubles within a radius of 5 km 

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Leniskiy Prospekt 84 

Order delivery: +7(812)640-33-73