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Ginza Sky

Premium class on-board catering, opportunities to rent and order private jets for various purposes, and all the small details that make up the most comfortable flight.

Ginza Sky

About the project

The Ginza Sky is the first and only company in St. Petersburg, producing and delivering exclusive in-flight food for scheduled flights and business aviation flights.

For five years we have been studying preferences of our customers at the Ginza Project group's restaurants. For five years we have been perfecting our dishes, so that only the best items - handpicked by leading Chefs of the Ginza restaurants - would be available on board scheduled flights' business class sections, courtesy of the Ginza Sky service.

Our production facility is located on the grounds of the modern Pulkovo-3 business terminal, which allows us to deliver food on board as quickly as possible, retaining unique taste and freshness of our dishes. There is also the Ginza Sky bar at the ultra-modern Pulkovo-3 terminal, where you can wait for your flight with comfort and pleasure.



Ознакомьтесь с различными сервисами, представленными в Ginza Sky

High cuisine

Our chef - Igor Gutzu - has been working with business jets since 2007 and he always makes sure that the food's quality is "sky-high"

Stay gourmet even in-flight - we can deliver any dish from any restaurant or cook one of your own choice.

We are happy to offer you a personal menu - infant menu, kids menu, meatless menu, diabetic menu and any other menu of your choice.



Personal menu

Developing a special menu - for You!

- Infant menu 

- Children's menu

- Meatless menu

- Diabetic menu

- Gluten-free menu

- Kosher menu

- Low-calorie menu

- Low-protein menu

- Muslim menu

- Lactose-free menu

- Vegetarian menu



Beauty and comfort

From the group's best specialists

Newspapers, magazines, flowers and bouqets - we will deliver all this on board as per your desires

We can create any flower bouqets, to suit any taste. Vibrant unusual floral solutions or a modest bouqet will always make your trip look better. And fresh print media from any part of the globe will be at your disposal at any times.




Everything you may require for comfort

- Dry cleaning

- Laundry

- Dishwashing

- Storage

- Ice 

- Oshibori  

- Thermal bags and packs 

- Slippers 

- Plastic dishes and tableware 

- Paper towels 

- Wet disinfecting napkins




Взгляните на жизнь Ginza Sky изнутри



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Виктория Шмелёва — Генеральный директор

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Никита Рева — Менеджер по работе с клиентами 

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Пекаревская Ольга — Управляющий партнер

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