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Ginza for Kids

The Ginza for Kids project includes a wide specter of entertaining, creative and educational activities for children at our group’s restaurants.

Ginza for Kids

About the project

There are events for children of different ages within the Ginza for Kids project. The younger kids are treated to Sunday festivities, culinary master-classes, creative workshops and birthday parties with the city’s best actors and animators.

The events for the older children include singing lessons, cooking courses, journalism and restaurateur classes. There are special celebrations such as proms and Birthday parties, New Year festivals and winter fun.

All the activities are held by experienced teachers, actors, animators, leading Chefs of the Ginza Project, bartenders and DJs.




Яркие впечатления из жизни Ginza for Kids. Почувствуйте наше настроение!


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  • Attention to every child

    Not a single child will feel bored

  • Holidays

    We know what children like: amusing competitions, shows and plays every week!

  • Birthdays

    Celebrate your child's most important day of the year together with Ginza Project's restaurants!

  • Artistic workshops

    Every weekend we host culinary and artistic master-classes at our group's restaurants. Join us!

  • Culinary master-classes

    Desserts, pasta, pizza or colorful cocktails - culinary master-classes will teach your child to cook like a real chef!

  • Happiness

    Our happiness is to see your children smile!


Project Manager: Victoriya Golubeva

Contact number: +7 (812) 924 33 88