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Ginza Prime

The Ginza Prime is St. Petersburg's first personal management consierge service in St.Petersburg, created for
those who value their time and spend it with a maximum effectiveness.

Ginza Prime

About the project

The main purpose of the Ginza Prime project is to lift the burden of day-to-day tasks and hassles off your shoulders, so that you can spend more time on pleasant and important things. The Ginza Prime service is not only a universal assistant in daily matters, but is also a lifestyle consultant.

Thanks to our wide network of partners, the project has the opportunity to guide our club members to the most trendy tourist destinations, the most interesting events all over the world and unique offers. We know where you can find all the most unusual, interesting, trendy, stylish, useful and delicious things, and we will help you to be in the right place at the right time.

There are no impossible tasks for us, so there will be no more limits for you. After becoming the Ginza Prime's client, you will get privileges and discounts from our trusted partners and restaurants of our group - not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but all over the world.



Ознакомьтесь с различными сервисами, представленными в Ginza Prime

Organizing travels

Special offers, discounts and services

We offer a range of services in organizing travel for holders of the Ginza Prime cards - including organizing flights, chartering yachts, booking hotels, making foreign passports, organizing guide travels and many more.

List of services for the Ginza Prime cardholders:

  • Organization of flights;
  • 24-hour ticket issuing service;
  • Hotel booking;
  • Visa assistance;
  • Assistance with issuing domestic and foreign passports;
  • Organization of VIP rooms and delegation rooms at airports;
  • Organization of tour guides;
  • Car rental with or without a driver;
  • Private jets and helicopters rental;
  • Chartering of yachts;
  • Railroad tickets;
  • Ordering taxi;
  • Round-the-clock assistance on trips.



Lifestyle services

Services for your everyday needs

We offer a range of everyday services for the Ginza Prime cardholders - including booking restaurants, ordering tickets to theatres, concerts or any events, choosing and buying gifts, ordering and delivering flowers and many more.

Services for the GInza Prime cardholders:

• Tickets to theatres, concerts, shows and other events abroad

• Tickets to theatres, concerts, shows and other events in Russia

• Booking tables at restaurants and providing privileges at restaurants

• Organizing your pastime - nightlife and privileges at night clubs

• Choosing and buying gifts

• Privileges at clothes stores, jewelry stores, giftshops, grocery stores 

• Services of a personal shopper - a specialist in goods

• Ordering and delivering flowers, privileges at florist salons

• Information inquiries

• Newsletters, distributed on this schedule: the 1st of each month - general newsletter; the 5th of each month - kids newsletter; the 15th of each month - general newsletter (The club reserves its right to alter the newsletter schedule)

• Providing an issue of the PrimeTraveller magazine

• Booking cinema tickets and privileges at cinema

• Special programs at the Moscow City Golf Club

• Invitations to clubs' events

• Invitations to partners' events

• Delivery service

• Services for your pets



Beauty and health

Services for emergencies and special occasions

We offer a rnge of beauty and health services to the Ginza Prime cardholders 

  • Calling ambulance
  • Privileges at beauty salons, spa-centers, medical centers, clinics
  • Booking of beauty salons, spa, medical centers and clinics.



Home, safety, children

Services for the most important people

The Ginza Prime cardholders are eligible for the following services - rental and sales of villas, homes and apartments; assistance in hiring domestic staff; range of services for children, including organizing children's parties and educational programs.

Для держателей карт Ginza Prime мы предлагаем услуги по аренде и продаже вилл, домов и квартир, помощь в подборе домашнего персонала, комплекс услуг для детей, включая организацию детских праздников и обучающих программ.


  • Rentals of villas, homes and apartments
  • Sales of villas, homes and apartments
  • Assistance in hiring staff


  • Newsletter kids
  • Organization of children's parties
  • Organization of children's pastime
  • Privileges at children's clothing stores
  • Organization of studies abroad


  • Insurance services



Event organization

We will help to make your party special!

We offer a range of services in organizing different events - weddings, birthday parties, corporate events. We are also offering PR services to the Ginza Prime cardholders



Services for gourmets

The most delicious discounts and privileges

We are happy to offer to the Ginza Prime cardholders: organization of wine-tasting tours, wine tours and gourmet trips, as well as privileges at wine and grocery boutiques



Services for business

For the business people

We are ready to offer corporate cooperation and the White Label services for your business




Взгляните на жизнь Ginza Prime изнутри

  • The pastime you desire

    Dont sacrifice your personal time and let our concergies take care of all details

  • Help anywhere

    We'll take care of you and your loved ones - wherever you are


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