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    74 Bolshoi pr. P. C., Saint-Petersburg
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Only here, in a company of a perfect espresso, fresh pastries and Mediterranean flavors, the outside noise and bustle of the Bolshoi Prospekt would merely seem as decorations for a grand theatrical premiere, which is about to commence.

  • Working hours
    from 8am till the last guest
  • Average check
    1500 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    Design, European, Italian


About the restaurant

The original Italian-style restaurant, which combines a trattoria and a bakery. Only here, in a company of a perfect espresso, fresh pastries and Mediterranean flavors, the outside noise and bustle of the Bolshoi Prospekt would merely seem as decorations for a grand theatrical premiere, which is about to commence.

The two-floor restaurant introduces all kinds of Italian flavors to its guests, as its menu includes traditional dishes from different regions, ingredients for which are supplied directly from leading Italian farms.

The distinctive feature of the Capuletti — a unique delicious pizza, cooked in a special way. In addition, guests can enjoy homemade cakes made upon original recipes — an authentic Italian bakery operates at the trattoria. Focaccia, Calzone with various fillings, Ciabatta, Morbido — this and much more can be enjoyed at the Capuletti or taken to go. A twenty-four hour food delivery service is also available. Many Italians living in St. Petersburg consider this restaurant their home. Interior designers managed to create the look of a vintage Italian restaurant at the Capuletti. The art-team creates a relaxed atmosphere, where every visitor feels welcome and is treated as a friend. Here we sing Italian arias on birthdays, play Uno and arrange pizzaiolo shows.




Restaurant’s interiors Capuletti up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

  • Second floor

    View from the 2nd floor on the bustling 1st floor

  • Second Floor

    Every detail here has a meaning: wine bottles, dimmed lights and lots of wood

  • The pasta collection

    The pride of the restaurant - the collection of pasta, which has almost all the existing recipes

  • First Floor

  • The Capuletti's own Italian bakery

    Flavoury and fresh pastries and baguettes are always available

  • Bottles on the staircase

    Many of those bottles were brought specifically to keep memories of good trips alive

  • Second Floor

    The restaurant's probably most romantic spot is situated by this window, overlooking the busy Bolshoi Prospekt

  • Second Floor

    The second floor of the restaurant has a lot more tables and offers a lot more courteous atmosphere

  • Antique cupboard

  • Second Floor

    Many details of the restaurant remind of an Italian trattoria

Virtual tour

3D tour of the restaurant. Look at its interiors and pick a table – from anywhere in the world

virtual tour


Emil Kovtun is in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen.

Emil Kovtun


Emil Kovtun was born in Baku. He developed passion for cooking in his childhood years – treating his relatives to fried potatoes of his own recipe when he was only in the first grade at school. After finishing school, Emil delved into cooking profession without hesitation.

By 2001, having graduated from college with a fifth grade cook diploma, Emile moved to Moscow. In thirteen years of work in Russia Emil Kovtun has worked with the Moscow-based "Grand Opera", at the German cuisine restaurant "Das Kapital", as well as at the "Semifredo" under the guidance of Chef Bruno Marino.

Emil mastered the skill of wok cooking at the Asian restaurant "N-Kong", after which he became a sous-chef at the "AIST". Ever since 2006, Emil has been directly involved in life of the Ginza Project group, starting his career as a chef at Tiffany's Cafe. After the Caf? was closed, Emile collaborated with Italian chef Giuseppe Priolo to set up the kitchen of Arkady Novikov and Ginza Project’s joint venture – the Francesco restaurant. In 2009 he ran the kitchen of the "Behemoth" bar. In 2010 he worked at the "Mansarda" restaurant, then at the SunDay Ginza restaurant. Since 2013, Emil has been working as Chef at the Capuletti Italian trattoria , offering traditional Italian cuisine to its guests. Emil is accompanied by Italian manager Danilo Piscitelli.




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Peria Pasta with pecorino cheese, smoked pig cheek and tomato sauce

    Delicious pasta with the juiciest tomatoes

  • Beef Carpaccio

    Thin-sliced beef fillet with crumbs of parmesan cheese

  • The arugula and chicken liver salad

    Fresh salad with vegetables, tender chicken liver and French "demi glace" sauce

  • Yogurt cake with raspberry and pistacchio bisquit

    Flawless combination of vibrant pistacchio flavor, tender yogurt and fresh raspberries

  • "Pollo Pesto" Pizza

    Pizza on a tender dough with tomato sauce, mushrooms, chicken fillet, pesto and black olives


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Capuletti. Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    74 Bolshoi pr. P. C., Saint-Petersburg

  • Contact number

    VIP-reserve: +7 (812) 900-10-17
    Delivery: +7 (812) 921-44-41
    VIP-резерв: +7 (812) 900-10-17

    Доставка: +7 (812) 921-44-41
    +7 (812) 900 10 17
    +7 (812) 921 44 41

  • Working hours

    from 8am till the last guest

  • Subway

    Petrogradskaya 0.4 km
    Gorkovskaya 1.2 km
    Chkalovskaya 1.2 km