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    5/29 Poltavskaya st.
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Jelsomino cafe

Professional sound equipment, the repertoire for lovers of classic, rock or modern pop music, background vocalists and stage atmosphere under the spotlight will make a dream come true – hearing applause for your singing!

  • Working hours
    Sun-Thu: from 8 pm till 5 am
    Fri-Sat: from 8 pm till 6 am
  • Average check
    2 850 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    European, Russian, Japanese

Jelsomino cafe

About the restaurant

For 14 years now, there has been a place in the heart of St. Petersburg that sets the rhythm for the night life of secular society in our city. This place feels like home for both ordinary guests and stars. After all, for such a long time, Jelsomino Cafe hosted a huge number of big parties: afterparty of the Golden Gramophone and Big Love Show, hundreds of concerts of Russian and foreign pop stars.

Apart from the parties and performances, a big focus is on the ambience of the place. Everything is set up to keep you coming over and over. Coming to Jelsomino Cafe, but also to your friends, favorite singers of a popular art group and all those people who have been setting the mood for fourteen years already. This is the place where the soul sings, and it is the secret of  Jelsomino Cafe special ambience.

During 14 years of history, many of our karaoke guests became admirers of author’s cuisine of our chef Ruslan Iskandarov. The menu is very diverse: European, Russian and Asian cuisines. Top dishes, such as grilled scallops with mango sauce and cress, lamb rack grilled with port sauce and our signature Napoleon cake never leave the menu and are favorites for many guests. As for cocktails, our bartenders are able to fulfill the wishes of the most sophisticated guests. In here you can have a snack, come over for dinner or even have breakfast after a big night out before coming home. The restaurant staff will be happy to prepare a dish upon guest’s request, even if it is not on the menu! This is what makes Jelsomino Cafe special for the beloved guests! 




Restaurant’s interiors Jelsomino cafe up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

  • Set of sculptures

    Spectacular decision by the designers - sculptures in a flamboyant disco style

Virtual tour

3D tour of the restaurant. Look at its interiors and pick a table – from anywhere in the world

virtual tour


Ruslan Iskandarov runs the kitchen at the Jelsomino Cafe

Ruslan Iskandarov


He was born and raised in Tashkent. He determined his future profession in the early childhood, watching his mother's culinary experiments in the kitchen. After receiving Chef’s degree in 2003, Ruslan moved to St. Petersburg. Having worked in various cafes and restaurants of the city for two years, in 2005 he came to the newly opened "Jelsomino caf?», where he has worked as Chef ever since.

«We are trying to attract as many visitors as we can with our cuisine and the unique atmosphere of comfort and chic. Here you can perform your favorite hits, see favorite pop stars firsthand and enjoy the delicious food, which I’m personally responsible for. Welcome to the Jelsomino!»




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Cheese plate with berries and honey

    When ordering wine, dont forget about the cheese plate - types of cheese would suit your drinks

  • Veal tenderloin

    Grilled tenderloin with porter wine and morel sauce

  • Tuna tartar

    Bluefin tuna tartar with arugula and spicy olive sauce

  • Scallops with spicy sauce

    Tender scallops with mango-ginger-chilli sauce

  • Grilled salmon with tangerine sauce

  • Salad mix with grilled tuna and sesame filling

    Salad mix with grilled tuna and filled with lemon-sesame sauce

  • Roll and sushi set

    Classic rolls and sushi - excellently made by the cooks of the Jelsomino cafe

  • Cake with nuts praline

    The universally loved tender dessert with fresh berries

  • Berry cheesecake

    One of the juiciest variants of a classical cheescake with berries and light sauce


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Jelsomino cafe. Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    5/29 Poltavskaya st.

  • Contact number

    +7 (812) 640-16-16
    VIP Reservation +7 (812) 999-96-96

  • Working hours

    Sun-Thu: from 8 pm till 5 am
    Fri-Sat: from 8 pm till 6 am

  • Subway

    Ploshchad Vosstaniya 0.6 km
    Mayakovskaya 0.9 km
    Ploshad A.Nevskogo 1 km