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    27 Engelsa street
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Mamalyga (Engelsa Street)

The Mamaliga is a family restaurant with the traditional Georgian cuisine and southern hospitality. Its about family dinners, loud feasts and traditional hospitality

  • Working hours
    from 11 until 01:00
  • Average check
    1000 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    Georgian, Uzbek

Mamalyga (Engelsa Street)

About the restaurant

For the people of the south, Mamaliga it's not just a corn porridge. It means dinners with family, noisy feasts and traditional hospitality. Thus, the Mamaliga restaurants have accumulated the Ginza Project’s love for comfort, delicious food and the traditions of Oriental cuisine. 

Our clay Tandoor oven – where homemade lavash bread is baked – large brick grill place and, of course, affordable prices will make you feel at home!

The most important thing at a family restaurant is to feed everyone - from adults to toddlers. By the way, the Ginza Project’s designers have created a unique children's room for the latter at the Mamaliga restaurant - with a variety of educational games, a video projector showing cartoons and babysitting services on the weekends. The Mamaliga’s secret of success rests on the three principles: delicious, modern, affordable. We always use only fresh products, complemented by our cooks’ love for their work and the Caucasian hospitality.




Restaurant’s interiors Mamalyga (Engelsa Street) up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

  • Main Hall

    Stone walls and pearl-white curtains make our guests feel like they are at the sunny Caucasus

  • Fruit Store

    The restaurant also has a store with fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Live Corner

    Feel free to ask Rocky the Canary for a song! It sings clearly and joyfully for our guests

  • Evening

    The restaurant looks even cozier after sundown

  • For large groups

    Pick tables for 4 or more to accomodate a large company of friends

  • Terrace

    A terrace with a roof for those who love fresh air

Virtual tour

3D tour of the restaurant. Look at its interiors and pick a table – from anywhere in the world

virtual tour


Brand-chef of the restaurant – Iso Dzandzava

Iso Dzandzava


Despite that Iso Dzandzava has never been taught how to cook professionally, she has developed her own vision and taste of Georgian cuisine. Having received medical education, she could not imagine that she would never become a doctor.

Now Iso is the Chef of the group’s ten restaurants.  She embarked upon the culinary path in the early childhood — her mother and grandmother let her in on secrets of cooking delicious food.

She also exclusively implements her own home recipes into restaurants’ menus.  “I was brought up in a family where seniors and children were respected and where  guests were always welcome. All my childhood I watched how my mother and my grandmother did their best to cook something special, and I liked it very much. I have preserved these recipes and now I use them».




Vivid pictures of our menu’s most popular dishes, which you can try at our restaurant

  • Assortment of homemade cheese

    Light appetizer with 3 types of homemade cheese: chechil, suluguni and smoked "pigtail"

  • Salad with Imereti cheese and three types of tomatoes

    Wonderful combination of soft Imereti cheese with three types of tomatoes

  • Classic Odzhakhuri

    Charcoal-grilled pork with golden potatoes, fresh greenery and garlic

  • Meringue with cream and berry sauce

    Puffy tender dessert with fresh strawberries covered with almond leaves

  • Megrel-style Khachapuri

    Tender Khachapuri with melted cheese on the inside and delicious cheese crust on the outside


Necessary information and location for those planning to visit Mamalyga (Engelsa Street). Convenient map, landline numbers of the restaurant and delivery service.

  • Address

    27 Engelsa street

  • Contact number

    +7 (812) 640-16-16

  • Working hours

    from 11 until 01:00

  • Subway

    Udelnaya 1.2 km
    Pionerskaya 2.4 km