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    Moscow, Kuznetsky Most, 7
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Moscow’s Courchevel is the place where people come to eat, and stay late to sing

  • Working hours
    from 5 pm till 11 am
  • Average check
    3500 rub
  • Cuisine and meals
    Japanese, French, European


About the restaurant

The French say – “if you have been to Courchevel, you’re a star”. From now on, you don’t have to wait for winter and travel to the French Alps to become a star. Restaurateur Arkadiy Novikov and the Ginza Project group have opened the Courchevel in the very heart of the capital, on Petrovka street. This is their first partnership project in Moscow.

The Courchevel is the restaurant for high-society clients, which thoroughly and authentically recreates the atmosphere of the premium ski resort – with its comfort, coziness and unique style.

Everything in the restaurant’s interiors, created by Yuna Megre (Megre Interiors), reminds of the expensive ski resort: quality tables made of logs, pillows with deers, different ski items. The Courchevel takes pride in its authenticity – the walls are decorated with vintage wood, some of which goes back 150 years – designers spent six months collecting it from different corners of our country.

For the reason that Courchevel encourages active recreation, our guests can treat themselves to excellent karaoke with quality sound. Apart from the main hall which seats 110 people, there are three VIP rooms – based on the “Three Valleys” of the French Courchevel. Each VIP room accommodates 5 guests. One of those has a very long wooden table – waiters even have a special ladder above it they use to serve their guests.

But the main exclusive feature of the restaurant – the room with a slick name “Alibi. Silence”. It is a special room which could be used by our guests partying till late to quite legitimately explain to their next of kin why they are out so late. There are screens with sound equipment, imitating different situations – like airport noise, traffic sounds, water splashes, snowstorm howling, rocking of train wheels. Beyond any doubt – this new service will become popular in Moscow.

Moscow’s Courchevel is one of the best places in the capital, where you can have delicious food and a lot of fun.




Restaurant’s interiors Courchevel up close. Be inspired by designers’ work, their attention to details and original atmosphere.

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  • Address

    Moscow, Kuznetsky Most, 7

  • Contact number

    +7 (903) 724 88 83

  • Working hours

    from 5 pm till 11 am

  • Subway

    Kuznetsky Most 0.3 km
    Teatralnaya 0.5 km